About Me

Born on September 1980 in Jerusalem City, Currently lives and works in Tel-aviv City.

i’m a visual artist, photographer and a graphic designer. 

Today working as a freelanced graphic designer.

2004-2005 studied photography at "camera obscura" school of photography in tel aviv.

2005-2008 studied photography at "minshar" school of art in tel aviv.

2008 graduated from "minshar" school of art in tel aviv.

2007 - 2010 founder & curator of the "3 meter gallery" in florentin neighbourhood in tel aviv.

The "3 meter gallery" was an exhibition window 2x3 meter facing the street and changing exhibition every 30 days. 

Exhibiting the works of young artist and well known ones, the gallery was an “Artwork” for itself. Bringing Art “out” 

of museums and galleries and facing it with the street and the bypassers.

The "3 meter gallery" was active from 2007 to 2010 and more then 40 artist has exhibited there in that period of time.

2012-2014 owner at “gibberish” cafe in the Jaffa flea market and a freelance graphic designer.

2014 - UX designer for “PayPro Global”.

2015 - studies interactive graphic design for web & mobile and UI/UX at “studio 6B” tel aviv.


8/2008 -minshar graduates group exhibition at rotchild 65 st' gallery ,tel aviv.

2008- solo exhibition "footprints of identity" at "3 meter gallery" , tel aviv 

2009 – solo exhibition "thoughts" at "3 meter gallery" , tel aviv.

2010 – video art group exhibition at "cat & dog" club , art & fashion event , tel aviv. 

2015 - “gett & the city” group exhibition for “gett” in collaboration with studio 6B at studio 6B tel aviv.

2016- Die Antwoord group exhibition at Kuli Alma Gallery, tel aviv.

Recent works are mainly in graphic design & branding.

Working on illustrator, photoshop, indesign.

Also knows wordpress, flash and UI/UX wirefarming and designing.

Have a basic understanding of html5 and css code.